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Author Topic: InsurePal ICO. Our rating A- Read Details below...  (Read 50986 times)


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InsurePal ICO. Our rating A- Read Details below...
« on: December 30, 2017, 10:23:09 AM »


Token Name: IPL

Token type: Erc 20 [ethereum network].

Prototype: Not ready yet, which is a negative mark in my evaulation. I prefer where an working beta is already there or something simillar. In Insure pal website they say this about the platform progress-  The architectural design of the InsurePal platform and its functionalities begins.

That means they have probably worked a lot already in their platform but its not ready yet.

Team score: The founders seemed to work with senior positions in some mid level local insurance companies in UK and Slovenia but not in any reputed MNC. However they are involved in the insurance sector for a long.

The advisory team look good.

They have 4 blockchain developers. 5 Senior developers. 4 Junior developers. 2 Sys admin and one IT security officer in their developer team.

Road map and Whitepaper: Whitepaper is already in their website. They are building a smart contract network for business transactions not necessrily limited to monetary transactions. Think like paypal but applicable to many diverse fields. People can use social proof to claim rebate or win insurance claims. Cash transaction can be done in smart contract so that both party mutually agrees to release payment so minimizing the claim of fraudelency and eliminating middle man [escrow].

Watch this youtube video to have a better idea:

Roadmap is not released yet officially.

Exchange listing potential: When I asked them about future exchange listing they informed me that they are already in contact with some reputed exchanges and paper works are in progress and on due time it will be announced as they are leagally bound not to disclose anything before.

Hype and Community: Hype score seems to be high and community is strong and getting bigger in Telegram and twitter.


Crowdsale and bonus date and details:

Crowdsale date is 16th January 2018.

As of now on 20 dec 2017 to till 8 Jan 2018 presale is going on for whitelisted memebers.

Citizens from US, Canada, South Korea, China and Singapore cannot participate in the ICO. Whitelisitng is required in all cases.

Softcap: 5 million USD

Hardcap: 18 Million USD.

67% tokens are available for public and presale. Token price is 10 cent and 300 million tokens are available in total.

10% bonus will be rewarded to who contribute within first 96 hrs or more than 50 eth.

Opinion: I will be investing around 3 to 4 eth in this ICO and see how it goes once its listed in exchanges. Overall potential looks promising and profitable for sure.